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Class Offerings:

    We follow the City of Minot Breed Restrictions Ordinance.  All classes are 8 weeks in length and cost $80.00.

    Class registrations are accepted on a first come basis and are taught by knowledgeable volunteers.  
To register for class, fill out the registration form and mail with a $25 deposit.  Registrations that come in without deposit are not valid. Documentation of vaccination is required to be shown on the first day of class.

Puppy Class:
           For puppies 12 weeks to 6 months.
    Focuses on building a healthy, successful relationship with your dog, introduces you puppy to appropriate behavior towards     
    you, other people, and other dogs.  Basic commands will be taught.

          For dogs 6 months and older
   An introduction to basic obedience: includes walking on a loose lead, recalls, sit and sit stay, down and down stay, proper heeling techniques. This class will prepare dog and handler to take the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, if desired.

Completion of obedience course or Canine Good Citizen Certification required for Agility Classes.

Agility Classes:
Level 1: Focuses on developing a relationship with your dog and becoming a team.  Introduction to handling skills taught without obstacles.  Introduction to some agility obstacles, basically floor work.

Level 2: Focuses on increasing  handling proficiency, introduction to all the equipment, A frame, dog walk, jumps etc.
Completing a three to five obstacle course with a reliable recall.

Level 3: Focuses on increasing the dog and handler's proficiency on the equipment.  Completing crosses, dog working ahead of the handler and coming into the handler while running a sequence.  Completing a five to six obstacle course.

Level 4: Focus on proofing contact obstacle performance, handling angled entrances to tunnels and increasing jump heights, working toward regulation height for size/breed of dog needed for competition.

Level 5: Focuses on becoming more proficient with handling and obstacle performance.  Introduction to serpentines and other complex obstacles.

Level 6: Focuses on handling proficiency and obstacle performance.  Running through 12 weave poles without guides.  Continue distance training and handling maneuvers: front cross, rear cross, go on and come/here.  
Completing a 20-obstacle course.

Post Advance: Offered Tuesday nights to continue working on our skills in preperation for competition.
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