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COVID-19 Protocols

Guidelines for disinfecting:

Developed: June 6, 2020

People and Dogs:
1. Must complete the Covid-19 waiver form.
2. Do NOT come if feeling ill or aware of exposure.
3. Do not bring extra people to watch.
4. Wash or use hand sanitizer when entering the site and periodically throughout practice.
5. Do not touch other people's dogs.
6. Use hand sanitizer before/after touching/moving any equipment to reduce risk of exposure.
7. Wearing a mask is recommended, when social distancing is not possible.  a. This is for your safety as well as others, you must supply your own mask.
8. MANDATORY​ to register when at the field per Covid regulations:  a. If in class the teachers will fill out the form. b. If private practice, (allowed per club policy (insurance and liability) once you and your dog have completed level 6. c. Fill out the calendar d. Fill out the google form when done with practice, so we do not have to change/delete forms if someone doesn’t show.  It automatically time stamps. i. tk2ARvtTtCxUXWPiU9JJPeNOo/edit
9. Outside  
a. Participants must provide their own chairs and pens for their dogs. b. You will handle your own leash, carry it with you, or drop on ground and retrieve when needed.
1. All small equipment (jumps/bars/weaves) used will be sprayed and allowed to air dry.
2. Large equipment that is left out need not be sprayed, sunlight (Ultraviolet rays) is a medically accepted disinfecting procedure for bacteria and viruses.
3. Crate/X pens dogs a. Outside:  i. Participants must provide their own crate, or have a way to detain your dog while helping set up equipment. According to NADAC and AKC guidelines, tie outs are not permitted. ii. Dog crates must be 6 feet apart or in your vehicle.
b. Inside:  i. Club crates need to be sprayed after use and allowed to air dry. ii. Spread out throughout the building as possible.
4. Chairs  a. Sprayed and allowed to air dry between classes if used.
1. Dave will clean/disinfect the floors prior to class starting up.
2. The committee will gather volunteers to wipe down all equipment and shelves, before classes begin.
3. Teachers will wipe off light switches and door handles as you leave.

If  using the indoor site during the summer, these guidelines ​will​ be followed:
Modified from AKC Suggested best practice for the well-being of Dog Sport Participants, NADAC COVID-19 Guidelines, ND Smart Guidelines, Suggestion from a cleaning service, and Suggestion from Medical personnel.
Supplies needed:   
Disinfectant: HALT It is what is used by vet clinics to disinfectant pens.
1 gallon sprayer - one per site Mary and Doreen mix the disinfectant and make sure it is  available at the outdoor and indoor site. Gloves and soaps and water will be available at the outdoor site incase of exposure.   

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